Wear Organic is an eco-friendly and high performance clothing brand owned by eco-minded and health conscious people operating from Australia dedicated to serving health and environmentally conscious consumers. For us, it is important to feel comfortable and confident in what we wear. Our designs are aimed to work from the gym to the street or from the yoga or pilates mat to the coffee shop or catch up with friends.

Our research and development team is focused on developing health friendly fabric blends that are created from natural materials through innovative technology to design allergy free products benefiting health and wellbeing. Our specially designed UPF 50+ fabric block 98% of UVA/UVB rays providing you with peace of mind when basking in the sun on the beach or doing those outdoor activities that you love!

The antimicrobial fabric is odour resistant and moisturewicking with luxurious softness providing ultimate comfort and freshness throughout the day. Wear Organic compression fit activewear is designed with superior 4D Dritech 4-way stretch for high performance and super supportive fit. 

By choosing eco-friendly and sustainable products we consciously help to improve and change the environment. This is the reason why we promote a culture of sustainability from dirt to wearables, minimising our environmental footprint. 

Wear Organic supports ethical suppliers and sustainable practices and source all raw materials from suppliers who are Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified, which means you or your skin are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

We strongly believe and support the notion that it is our duty and responsibility to love your (our) body and to protect and care for our body and health. 

Go about your hard core activities with confidence and peace of mind that your skin will not absorb any nasty substances while you sweat!