At WEAR ORGANIC we are uncompromising when it comes to making sure you feel good about what you wear! Our ultimate goal is bringing the best women's organic yoga & activewear that is comfortable, luxurious and contemporary while balancing and supporting the way we live and not producing negative effects on our environment or our health.

Be it yoga, pilates, barre, gym, sport, coffee catch up, shopping or just lounging around, our organic sportswear range will get you to one point to the other without any compromises on style or quality.

Fully owned and operated from Australia, our motto love your body encapsulates our main objective which is eco-conscious and people first. Our ideals guide us in producing a high performance organic activewear clothing brand which is both health and skin-friendly as well as eco-friendly.

Wear Organic's range allows you to breathe easily knowing that you are wearing health friendly fabrics which works for you and with you in the background without you consciously knowing it - even while you are hard at work and sweating! The fabric that is in constant touch with your body loves you and therefore wearing it means you love both your body and the planet earth you live in! 

WEAR ORGANIC supports ethical suppliers and sustainable practices with the utmost care taken in not harming the planet we live, walk and breathe in. We strive for positive impact on everyone we associate with by making it our mission to not only create beauty for the gorgeous you to wear but also help preserve the beauty and sustainability of our home, the earth.

We love what we do and we hope you will enjoy it too. We hope that you are also as proud as us of the fact that, together as a collective group who love to ‘wear organic’, we can contribute towards preserving our Earth, the planet we call home through the sustainable choices we make. Without being exposed to the nasties, our body will love us for it as well.